Our Ethos


From field to fork we have taken care to trace our steps to ensure the highest levels of provenance and a commitment to green values including our new compostable packaging.

Over the years we've built up great relationships with our suppliers. We use some local independent businesses and we also buy direct fom London's wholesale markets. This means we get to select the best and freshest ingredients so we maintain our high standard of quality offering to our customers. We like to champion local producers and use the best seasonal ingredients from around the UK wherever possible.

Amongst our main competitors we believe we are unique in having been accredited by the Soil association catering mark award scheme. This means we have put in place a comprehensive system of checks and balances. All our suppliers are requested to complete a quality assurance form to make sure they meet best practice in a range of areas. We also ask suppliers for declarations and certificates to show provenance and that good animal welfare standards are being met.

Sourcing more environmentally friendly, sustainable and ethical food is something we want to build on for the future like our coffee that is roasted locally and is organic and fairtrade.

Produce & Ingredients

Somewhere in London there are craftsmen getting to work just as we’re going to bed, so that in the wee hours of the morning we get freshly made varieties of real breads and pastries delivered to our door. We don’t mislead by claiming to “make” or “bake” our own breads.

Fruit & Vegetables
Before the cock has crowed we are at the market smelling, tasting, touching & buying the best produce London has to offer. We use the Covent Garden seasonal chart to buy the best local seasonal produce available. We also buy direct from Watts farm in Kent.

When we first met our local butcher, the warmth of his smile beckoned us into his traditional earthy shop. We reviewed his certified produce - livestock that is free range and naturally or grass-fed, we tasted the flavour, we signed up there and then. All our meat & poultry is from British and Irish producers that are accredited with approved farm assurance schemes.

Did we mention that we like to use fresh produce, well it doesn't get fresher than this... Ocean – Market – Kitchen : So only the best freshest seafood is used in our dishes.

We cook with fresh fish that is sustainable and Certified. Our supplier has completed our declaration to confirm that none of the fish supplied is on the MSC fish to avoid list, due to it being endangered or because of bad farming techniques.

Dairy & Dry stores
All our milk comes from UK producers and we source free range whole & liquid eggs. We have declarations from most suppliers to confirm they will not supply us with GM produce or items containing undesirable additives and transfats. We are constantly checking and requesting assurances from suppliers regarding new or changing produce that they meet this standard.


Since we were earthed and birthed in 2000 our food has been highly nurtured and well natured. Our service has grown and matured into one of London's prime, meaty, yet tender caterers.

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