Chef's Recipes - Homemade Pesto

Bringing the holiday to you. With fresh basil in the markets there's no excuse not to conjure up a bit of Italy in your own kitchen.


Homemade Pesto

Prep time 15-20 mins

Makes approx. 350ml


100g basil (picked leaves)

100g pine nuts

150g parmesan, grated

4 garlic cloves, peeled

120ml Extra virgin olive oil

You will need a food processor


Combine pine nuts, parmesan & garlic in the food processor & process until it’s a coarse meal. Season with salt & freshly ground pepper.

Add all the basil & pulse for a few seconds, using a spatula push everything back down, then pulse again for a few seconds.

Then with the motor running slowly add all the olive oil.

Check for seasoning.

Place in a jar / jars, pour just enough oil over the top (this will help prolong its shelf life)

Lovely for a simple lunch/dinner on pasta, in a Parma ham & mozzarella panini, grilled salmon, or steak


Bon Appétit


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